What type of exercise is best for weight loss? : Ask Reddit – Lose 20 pounds in a month diet plan

It depends on your body type and personal needs.

The exercise you like enough to do it consistently is the best exercise to lose weight.

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise burns the most calories during exercise. Usually, aerobic exercise that supports your heart rate between 110 and 140 (depending on age) for 30 minutes or more 5 days a week will lead to the highest weight loss and the most general health benefits. .

Endurance training burns fewer calories than aerobic exercise, but endurance training breaks down and builds muscle after you finish training, so you burn more calories than long-term cardio exercise.

That being said, calorie restriction is about 9 times more effective than cardio for weight loss. 1 hour of cardio will burn 300-600 extra calories. There are so many calories in a big sip or in a big toast. Reducing calories by supplementing with foods that are not high in calories (plant foods and high in fiber and lean protein) is much more effective for weight loss than exercise.

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