Virtual Walk App Review: Walk the Distance – Lose 20 pounds in a month diet plan

The free Walk The Distance app is based on the Virtual Walk app and is available for both iOS and Android. Track your speed with the accelerometer on your phone and use the number of steps to take you on a virtual walk and to show you the sights you would see on that route.

Even if you’re just walking around the neighborhood, on the high school track, or walking away on the treadmill, you can walk the Appalachian Trail or take a historical tour of Washington, DC. Encourage your running session or local walking route by virtually exploring. some of the most scenic trails and walking destinations in the world.

How Walk the Distance works

Walk the Distance and its predecessor, Virtual Walk, help you visualize your walking route along the Appalachian Trail, national parks, and other notable routes across the country. Keep high motivation and fitness goals in mind as you record miles and travel long distances, both physically and virtually.

The Walk the Distance app syncs with your phone’s Health app or Google Fit (iOS and Android, respectively) hourly, and records your mileage throughout the day. As you walk and steps gather, Walk the Distance will keep you posted on free city walks and even marathon runs.

Virtual walking trails

Take the Appalachian Trail, the Boston Marathon Trail, New York’s Central Park, or other walks to destinations to compete with friends and reach virtual checkpoints. The app is designed to help you find landmarks along the route and walk with friends, all while enjoying the sights and views of distant walks.

The app offers free walks on the Appalachian Trail, some marathon trails, cities and national parks. Additional walks are available for $ 0.99.

Go the pros and cons

Using a virtual walking app is a great way to motivate your physical walk. It can be very persuasive to try to get to the next point of interest by putting in another mile or two.

You can feel the realization of walking the length of the Appalachian Trail without having to carry a backpack and use trekking poles (although you may want to do this for authenticity). The screenshots also show a virtual marathon in Boston, which is probably the only way a walker will be able to run due to qualifying times.

Because your phone’s accelerometer is the primary measure of movement, and your phone’s health app is the primary tool for tracking your steps and miles, any wrong measurements will affect how far you’ve walked. For example, if you place your phone next to the treadmill instead of wearing it while walking, the number of miles will be affected.

More Virtual Walk applications

There are several other virtual walking apps on the market, so you can find the one that works best for you. Treadmill Trails (available for iOS) and BitGym (available for iOS and Android) each include a library of scenic videos on which you can watch while recording miles on the treadmill.

World Walking (on iOS and Android) and My Virtual Mission (on iOS and Android) help users get started on fitness challenges, monitor their progress, and see the world by walking on a map.

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