Tips for Weight Loss: How to Get Rid of Belly Fat According to a Doctor – Three Steps – Lose 20 pounds in a month diet plan

One area in which many people want to lose weight is around their waist – more commonly known as belly fat. Although it is necessary to have a little fat to protect our organs, having too much can have health complications. A doctor has shared three ways to reduce the amount of visceral fat in your body.

Dr. Siyamek Saleh, from South Africa, is a “doctor with a passion for educating and raising awareness about various medical conditions.”

He accessed his 2.3 million followers TikTok account to share his tips for removing belly fat.

The first piece of advice he mentioned was to manage your stress level.

Being stressed or experiencing feelings of stress can cause people to overeat.

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As a result, those who are sleep deprived have an increased appetite and a higher daily caloric intake.

Another study found that sleep deprivation led to a significant increase in hunger, appetite, portion size and chocolate and fat intake.

To add to these, those who are tired usually resort to sweet foods to give extra energy.

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