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Simeons allowed his patients to drink as much coffee as they wanted. But this happened more than 50 years ago, before insulin resistance, leptin resistance, and food intolerance reached epidemic proportions as a result of all cereal-based carbohydrates, sugars, unwanted fats, and comfortable foods. which feeds our society. I confidently advise anyone going on Cura Romana not to drink coffee before starting the protocol. At the very least, I suggest you limit yourself to one cup a day. There are several reasons for this:

  • Coffee can slow down or stop weight loss in 80% of people who participate in the program, due to the way it triggers the release of blood sugar and insulin.
  • It depletes B vitamins that are important for energy, as well as for the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system.
  • It undermines adrenal function and can lead to adrenal exhaustion.

Coffee doesn’t give you energy. What it offers is chemical stimulation. The perceived “energy” comes from your body’s struggle to adapt to the high blood levels of stress hormones generated by coffee consumption. In most cases, this induced state of emergency leads to well-defined side effects. Collectively, they are known as caffeineism. Ironically, caffeineism is most characterized by fatigue.

Most important of all: One of the greatest gifts of the Cure is how it helps you connect with your own natural source of vitality within. If you drink coffee in the program, it only postpones the possibility of doing so. Please note: everything you need is inside you. You want to access that source of endless vitality in you and live from that year after year.

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