Healthy eating plan for a 16 year old – Lose 20 pounds in a month diet plan

Adolescents need a nutrient-rich diet to support both growth and health.

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Healthy eating is important at every stage of life, but for a growing teenager, getting the right nutrients is especially essential. Building healthy eating habits now results in a healthier lifestyle.

Consider your calories

The energy a teenager needs can vary, depending on factors such as age, weight, height, sex, and level of physical activity. Are you looking to lose weight? These tips can help.

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, a diet for a 16-year-old boy should include no less than 2,400 calories if he is inactive and about 3,200 calories if he is usually more active. The suggested calories for a 16-year-old diet plan are between 1,800 for an inactive girl and up to 2,400 for a girl of this age who is very active.

Of course, the calories in any food depend on the amount of fat, carbohydrates and protein it contains. To maintain a healthy body, teens are warned to stay away from unwanted foods, such as candy, cakes, and potato chips, which are often poor or lacking in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other essential nutrients.

Use the My Plate method recommends my Plate Eating Plate for teens who may have a loss when it comes to food choices. When building a table, they advise that half of the plate should be made up of fruits and vegetables, that a quarter should be allocated to a high-protein food, such as chicken or tofu, and that a choice of cereals such as rice brown or sweet potatoes, to complete the last part. the table. Use the My Plate Computer to find the right diet plan for you.

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Nutrition needs of teenagers

Good diets for teens should include plenty of protein. It is recommended that men around the age of 16 receive 52 grams of protein a day. Adolescents, on the other hand, should follow 46 grams, according to the 2015-2020 American Food Guidelines. To achieve this, make sure you get lean meats, legumes, soy products, and high-protein vegetables.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity affects 13.7 million children and adolescents in the United States, with 20.6% of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 being classified as overweight. As such, weight loss plans for teenage boys and girls should keep unhealthy fats to a minimum.

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To eat or not

The types of foods that a teenager should eat for optimal nutrition do not differ much from what an adult should eat. Regular diet plans, as well as diet plans for 16-year-old athletes, should include lean meat, dried beans and milk to help build strong muscles, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Don’t forget to take care of your daily sugar intake.

It is also recommended that teenagers avoid empty calories and excess sugar from juices and juices and pay attention to portions, especially when eating out. Skip sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup and creamy sauces that may contain extra sugar and salt.

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