Coffee and lemon for weight loss – does it work? – – Lose 20 pounds in a month diet plan

Coffee and lemon for weight loss is a new trend that we have seen many appear on tiktok. But the question is: does coffee and lemon help with weight loss?

As a doctor and weight loss coach, I am always looking for natural weight loss methods that are supported by research. I decided to immerse myself in the research behind coffee and lemon as weight loss techniques.

What does black coffee and lemon do?

The trend that appears everywhere on social networks is to drink black coffee in the morning with lemon juice. This is not the first lemon-based drink in the trend, as you have probably seen the idea of ​​drinking lemon water in the morning.

This trend claims to help women lose weight in a few days.

Does coffee make you lose weight?

Let’s break down the drink to talk about the two components from a science-based perspective. Does coffee help you lose weight? The answer is maybe.

Coffee is naturally rich in caffeine, a substance that does many things inside your body that can affect your food intake and energy intake.

Caffeine can increase your metabolism * see this video I made to learn more about metabolism *.

Caffeine helps the body release adrenaline which in turn mobilizes fat. In essence, this means that adrenaline helps your body break down fat for energy.

Given this research, it makes a slimming coffee sound like a real bargain, doesn’t it?

Wait – there are a few things to keep in mind.

When caffeine causes fat to break down, you still need to use that energy. Once the fat has been mobilized and you have provided your degraded materials (fatty acids), they don’t just sit there looking good. You have to do something with that energy source, otherwise it goes back to exactly where it was.

Coffee to lose weight fast

No – coffee will not be a magic drink that will allow you to lose weight quickly without having to do anything. You can’t lose weight lazily. Energy must be consumed by movement.

An interesting finding is that when you consume caffeine before training, especially before a high-intensity workout, you can increase your metabolic rate before training, which helps you burn more calories.

The tendency of coffee and lemon for weight loss is based primarily on this idea of ​​caffeine that helps in weight loss.

The other caveat is that in research studies, you need to drink a lot of caffeine to feel this effect.

Caffeine and hunger

Caffeine is known to affect you hunger levels. In your body, caffeine reduces hunger hormones and therefore acts as a natural appetite suppressant. The hunger hormone, ghrelin, is reduced due to caffeine consumption. Therefore, you will feel less hungry and, in theory, you will eat less.

However, there is conflicting evidence to that effect.

Caffeine, sleep and weight

Sleep is a well-known important factor in a weight loss journey. Without a good night’s sleep, you are more likely to eat out of control and become unhealthy. * Watch this video for a full explanation *.

The reason people drink coffee is to keep them awake. Drinking coffee later in the day or if you are sensitive to it can lead to poor sleep at night – something you do NOT want to induce in your life that you are trying to lose weight.

Does lemon help you lose weight?

Now, let’s talk about the other component of the coffee and lemon slimming drink.

Does Leman have any evidence to help you with weight loss?

There is evidence that lemon has an antioxidant polyphenol, which in mice has been shown to help reduce weight gain in overfed mice to induce obesity.

However, there is no real evidence to support this in humans.

Anecdotally, many say that lemon water has helped them on the road to weight loss, but this varies from person to person.

Coffee and lemon for weight loss – does it work?

So the question remains, do I recommend coffee and lemon for weight loss?

Indeed – no.

If you are a person who drinks coffee as part of your lifestyle, keep up the good work and it could have a certain impact on your weight loss journey. This does not mean that, given the evidence shows that consuming a large amount of caffeine to see results.

Should you start drinking coffee * just * to see weight loss? No – if you don’t like it, why would you submit to that pain in the hope that it might help you? Sounds a little silly.

The trend for coffee and lemon for weight loss is exactly that – a trend. No need to watch it to see results. In my opinion, caffeine is what drives those potential changes that are seen.

Hold on to your coffee if you feel like trying something.

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