Chloe Cherry talks about eating disorder – Lose 20 pounds in a month diet plan

Most of us know Chloe Cherry from her role as Faye in “Euphoria,” but she actually started in the porn industry – and that’s where, says the 24-year-old, she developed an eating disorder in her old age. 18. In an interview with the Call Her Daddy podcast, Cherry explains that the disorder came from a comment made by one of her agents. “[He] He told me in front of me that I was fat, “Cherry recalls.” He said, “Everyone says you’re fat, and the quickest way to lose weight is not to eat.”

Cherry’s initial reaction was distrust. “It was so weird because no one, all my life, had ever said I was fat,” she recalls. Soon, though, it became an “obsession.” Cherry says she counted calories and severely restricted her diet. “I was starving then,” she recalls, writing her habits as “healthy eating.” Cherry once admitted to a friend that the only reason she was vegan was because she “kept me weak.” It’s “crazy,” she says now, how much space and energy the eating disorder has consumed in her thoughts.

Talking to friends helped Cherry get over her disorder, she says, a process she began in June 2020. “As I began to be more open to people, all of a sudden fallen, ”she explains. She also sought help from mental health professionals and listened to podcasts on eating disorders such as Take the Cake. And one of the first things Cherry did, she says, was take all the advice she could find about eating disorders – from podcasts, articles, other people sharing her stories – ” and set them in motion, ”she says. “And I’m so glad I did. It completely changed my life.”

The trip was “very hard for me,” Cherry admits, and she remembers being “miserable and not treating my body well.” These days, however, the “Euphoria” star says she doesn’t limit her diet “anyway”. While her weight has been unsafe for a long time, she says she is happier in her body now than ever.

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