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There are many ways to train your muscles to help you lose weight and increase your energy levels, as well as give you other bodybuilding benefits. For example, running, yoga and swimming are your favorite basics. Or you can change things up and take a hula hoop! If you weren’t already into science, there are some ultra-effective hula hoop exercises to shed belly fat and we’ll discuss that below. But before you do that, here’s some background information on exercise.

Something that is often seen as a children’s toy – and something that many of us probably haven’t used since we were kids – hula hoops can actually be a great way to train. Not only are they super fun, but according to the American Council on Exercise through New York Magazine, hula hooping can help you burn seven calories a minute, while also benefiting from things like core muscles, posture and circulation. When Philadelphia content creator Angie Wang tried hula hooping on TikTok, she explained The Washington Post that not only is it a “fun and different” way to indulge in physical activity, but she also noted that “it definitely strengthened [her] abdomen ”, while leaving its basic section“ stronger in general ”.

So how do you get the same results from your hula hoop workout? Read on for the four most effective hula hoop exercises to shed belly fat, according to experts. And then, make sure you check out the Top 6 Exercises for Strong and Toned Arms in 2022, says the coach.

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“Hula hooping is an amazing aerobic exercise” that will “keep you engaged” throughout your workout, Isaac Robertson, nutritionist and personal fitness trainer, as well as co-founder and editor-in-chief of Total shape say Eat this, not this! For this reason, Robertson says: “If you are a beginner, choose a weighed circle, because it is easier to handle and more efficient than usual. You’ll burn more calories as you try to spin it. ”

Beyond that, Robertson adds: “If you’re looking forward to reducing the fat around your waist, hula hooping is best for you! Try to include it in your daily training program and you’re done! ”

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Whether or not you choose to use a weighted hula hoop or a regular version, Athlete Desk founder Darryl Higgins suggests that you include standing upside down in your workout routine. Higgins notes, “With a hula hoop, this is one of the most basic ways to get moving,” adding that “abs train great” as you use the hula hoop to twist in a feet ”.

To complete the standing twists with a hula hoop, hold the circle firmly with your hands. As you keep your feet firm and steady as well as shoulder-width apart, first turn your upper body to the right for 5 to 10 seconds before doing the same on your right. Try to increase the number of repetitions and sets as the exercise gets easier.

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“The Russian turnaround is a fantastic basic exercise, [which] You can step up with a hula hoop, ”says Julien Raby, a certified fitness trainer, gym owner and founder of Eat this, not this! “Russian rust is incredible for burning calories. It’s also great for the abdomen and core strength. It increases training intensity and / or incorporates weights into the routine to help burn more calories. This helps manage love handles or worktops. briose. “

Similar to a standing twist, but instead done while sitting on the floor, you can approach a Russian twist while holding a hula hoop with both hands in front of you and bending over your back as you lift your legs. In this position, turn the hula hoop to the right for 5 to 10 seconds before turning to the left. Again, increase the number of repetitions and sets as you can.

hula hoop weighted on the wall

Higgins also recommends doing hula hoop v-sits to target abdominal fat. Another hula hoop exercise for which you will sit on the floor, explains Higgins, “It’s a workout that helps you build a strong core. It is also the fastest technique for losing weight in the stomach.

Again, sitting and holding the hula hoop in front of you, bend over on your back and lift your legs. From there, let your feet go down, but don’t let them hit the floor before lifting them again until your body is in a V-like position. As always, increase the number of repetitions and sets as you your power increases.

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