6 Proven health benefits of anthocyanins – Lose 20 pounds in a month diet plan

6 Proven health benefits of anthocyanins

What are anthocyanins?

We all know that we should eat our fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins, minerals, and fiber we need on a daily basis and to maintain our overall health. However, there is another reason you should be aware of consuming these health conscious foods, namely anthocyanins.

What are anthocyanins asked? Anthocyanins are a compound of flavonoids which have been shown to be a powerful group of antioxidants. It is important to consume antioxidants, as they not only help protect the body from diseasebut it also helps you look good by preventing premature aging.

The thought of adding one more step to your balanced diet may seem daunting, though. adding anthocyanins to your diet is as easy as recognizing the bright colors of your fruits and vegetables. Anthocyanins are highly pigmented phytonutrients found only in plants.

These plants have long been revered in medicine for their ability to heal and provide a wide range of health benefits. In fact, more and more scientific studies confirm these findings. For example, cranberries, a bright red fruit, are known to help treat and prevent urinary tract infections.

What foods do anthocyanins have?

Anthocyanins are easy to notice due to their bright color. These foods are usually blue, red or purple. Some anthocyanin foods are cherries, eggplants, cherries, mangoes, blueberries, raspberries, plums, blackcurrants, asparagus, olives, oranges, figs, radishes, red cabbage, pomegranates, black beans, black rice, beans, beets and beets. . meat peaches.

It should be noted, however, that there may be some foods covered with anthocyanins, such as bananas. Despite not having the typical red or blue hue, bananas are an excellent source of anthocyanin.

Another way to get your sources is to relax with a nice and relaxing glass of wine, because the wine is composed of grapes rich in anthocyanins. However, make sure you enjoy wine or any alcoholic beverage in moderation, as the disadvantages can outweigh the benefits pretty quickly.

What are the health benefits of anthocyanins?

There are several reasons why including these bright fruits and vegetables in your diet is such a good idea. Below are some of the many reasons why enjoying an anthocyanin-rich diet is good for your health.

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1) Encourages heart health

Rigorous scientific evidence has found that anthocyanin-rich foods are great for improving heart health. For example, growing research shows that anthocyanins help reduce the risk of heart disease in women.

A 2013 study found that women 18-year-olds and older have significantly reduced their risk of having a heart attack in middle age when they eat three or more servings of anthocyanin-rich foods three or more times a week.

Another study found that women who ate foods rich in anthocyanins, such as strawberries and blueberries once a week have dramatically reduced their risk of death from cardiovascular and coronary heart disease. Some studies even suggest that drinking red wine had similar effects.

Anthocyanins are thought to have such an effect on lowering heart disease because these foods lower blood pressure and prevent stiffness.

2) Lower your cholesterol

Another way that anthocyanin-rich foods are great for your heart is that these foods help lower cholesterol. High cholesterol increases your chances of developing heart disease or having a heart attack.

A study by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that the incorporation of anthocyaninsFoods rich in your diet reduced LDL (bad cholesterol) cholesterol by 13.6%, while HDL (good cholesterol) cholesterol increased by 13.7%.

If you are unfamiliar with LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, the differences are vast and important to understand if you want to maintain a healthy heart. LDL cholesterol, the bad one, is a waxy substance that blocks the arteries. If your arteries are too clogged with LDL cholesterol, it can lead to heart attacks or the development of heart disease.

HDL cholesterol, on the other hand, helps clear the bad cholesterol from the arteries, transporting it to the liver, which will then filter it out of the body. It is important to get enough HDL cholesterol, as it helps prevent the development of heart disease and prevents heart attacks.

3) Fights obesity

It should come as no surprise that a diet of healthy fruits and vegetables is a catalyst for a healthy diet that prevents obesity. An animal study found that mice fed an anthocyanin-enhanced diet did not gain as much weight as mice fed a fat-free anthocyanin-free diet.

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Although a controlled human study should be performed to confirm these results, it is obvious that getting involved in a low-fat but high-fat diet is good for you and your waistline.

4) Improve cognitive function

One way to fight oxidative damage – a catalyst for rapid aging and impaired memory – is to take antioxidants. Anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant, are a great way to slow down age-related degeneration of brain function and memory.

One study found that women over the age of 70 prevented brain degeneration by 2.5 years by incorporating such anthocyanin-rich foods as blueberries and strawberries into their diet.

For those of us who have not yet reached the golden age, eating a diet rich in anthocyanins improves learning and stimulates general cognitive function.

For example, an animal study found that rats fed an anthocyanin-rich diet performed better on memory tasks, as opposed to mice that did not engage in an anthocyanin-rich diet.

5) Prevent colds and flu

Now that the cold and flu season is upon us, we need to do everything we can to keep our defense. Shock fruit, an anthocyanin-rich fruit, is commonly used in herbal medicine to treat cold and flu symptoms. One study found that the anthocyanin content in shock fruits mimicked the effects of Tamiflu.

Another study found that anthocyanins inhibited the H1Ni swine flu virus from infecting host cells. It’s time to load up on shock fruits and other anthocyanin-rich foods!

6) Cancer prevention

Preliminary studies promise that Anthocyanins can be an effective way to prevent the development of many different forms of cancer.

An animal study performed at Ohio State University found that rats fed rats helped inhibit tumor growth in the esophagus of rats exposed to carcinogens.

Several preliminary studies have found that the consumption of berries and other anthocyaninsRich foods have helped prevent the development of breast, prostate, colon and oral cancer. Another study found that regular consumption of anthocyanin-rich foods prevented the spread of tumors and even inhibited the spread of certain cancer cells.

It is believed that anthocyanins may be effective in preventing cancer because they are a major antioxidant that contains significant anti-inflammatory effects. It is not yet 100% clear how this works and more rigorous scientific research is needed to determine the effectiveness of anthocyanins as an anti-cancer agent.

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How to enjoy the benefits of anthocyanins

Incorporating anthocyanin-rich foods into your diet may seem easy, but many people find the task daunting. From what foods to incorporate to the portion size. In fact, it is well known that regular consumption of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the key to good health and weight loss, yet many of us struggle to do so.

An easy way to make sure you have enough anthocyanins in your diet is to eat three servings a week. It’s as easy as tasting your favorite fruit, drinking a glass of grape juice, or adding vegetables like eggplant or purple onions to your favorite recipes.

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