21 wonderful raw food recipes for beginners to try – Lose 20 pounds in a month diet plan

by: Yuri Elkaim

21 wonderful raw food recipes for beginners to try

Are you curious about the hype surrounding raw foods? Are you thinking of incorporating raw food recipes into your weekly meals?

Getting started with raw foods can seem daunting, but don’t worry, here are 21 amazing raw food recipes for beginners.

If you haven’t heard of the raw food diet, it’s based on the premise that cooking food creates toxic by-products, and raw foods retain the vital nutrients and natural enzymes our body needs to process food. Think: whole, unrefined, fresh, herbal foods.

I make sure that I include a variety of raw food recipes in my diet and I think you can benefit from incorporating more raw fruits and vegetables into your meals.

The benefits of raw food

Let’s take a closer look at how you will benefit from raw foods.

Raw fruits contain a lot of vitamins that protect the body from harmful free radicals. These free radicals contribute to chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

If you are worried that you are filling up with carbs when you eat fruit, remember that fruit is a simple carbohydrate, and sugars are easily absorbed by the cells as a source of fuel.

Because you eat whole fruits, you also get fiber and high doses of antioxidants. While protein should definitely be the star of breakfast, you’ll want to include a healthy dose of crushed fruits and nuts and healthy fats.

Vegetables provide large amounts of minerals, such as iron, calcium and magnesium, which our body needs for metabolic processes, nerve function and a host of other important tasks.

It is a balance of different minerals that help the body maintain normal health. Of course, vegetables also contain a lot of antioxidants, so you’ll want to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet with raw foods.

Here are some tips on including raw foods in your diet:

  • Start slowly if you eat raw and change a regular meal a day with a raw food meal.
  • Gradually work on several raw meals, depending on whether you are going raw or just want a few raw meals in your weekly diet.

21 super-light raw food recipes for beginners

Crude for breakfast:

1. Enlighten Smoothie Bowl

Enlighten Smoothie Bowl - Simple Vegan

Breakfast prepares the scene for the rest of the day, and this lighted smoothie bowl is the perfect way to start your morning.

The basis of this breakfast bowl combines antioxidant-rich berries with protein powder and almond butter. Gather your favorite nuts for even more protein, superfood seeds such as hemp and chia hearts and any other side dishes to give your bowl the best nutrition to feed your day!

Find the recipe here: Simple Vegan

2. Smoothie with chocolate protein, strawberries and almonds

This smoothie has everything: great taste, rich in protein, healthy fats and lots of antioxidants.

Hemp, macaque, almonds, strawberries, coconut oil and protein powder come together for a convenient breakfast, full of superfoods.

Find the recipe here: The Healthy Family And Home

3. Cocoa Superfood hemp sticks

Cocoa Superfood Hemp Sticks - @nutritionstripped


Take some of these raw protein bars for a nutritious breakfast on the go. Hemp protein powder and hemp hearts provide heart-healthy fatty acids, antioxidants and major proteins to these delicious raw bars.

Cocoa and cinnamon add a tasty flavor while squeezing in several health benefits.

Find the recipe here: Nutrition Stripped

4. Chocolate and hazelnut protein bowl

Chocolate and hazelnut protein bowl - young and raw

Avocado gives both creaminess and a healthy dose of fat to this delicious breakfast bowl with chocolate protein, hazelnuts, which has added hemp protein powder to keep you full for hours and hours. boost your energy levels in the morning.

Cover it with cocoa beans, chopped hazelnuts, hemp hearts, chopped coconut and any other extras to increase your nutritional profile.

Find the recipe here: Young and Raw

Raw Lunch Recipes:

5. Beet salad and sweet potatoes

A spiralizer makes you work quickly with this salad of raw beets and sweet potatoes. These bright and colorful vegetables are full of nutrients that make this lunch a healthy gold mine.

Cover it with nuts and seeds for a high-protein meal.

Find the recipe here: A Spicy Perspective

6. Crushed Brussels sprouts salad

Chopped Brussels sprouts salad - First mess

Want to sneak in a raw food lunch? This autumn vegetable salad celebrates raw vegetables. Add any vegetables you have in the fridge and use a julienne cleaner to save cooking time.

Add an avocado for healthy fats and cover with nuts and protein seeds.

Find the recipe here: First mess

7. Rainbow sheaths

Dip all the colors of the rainbow in a healthy raw foil: red bell pepper, orange carrots, yellow zucchini, green zucchini and purple cabbage are wrapped in a sturdy gulida leaf and soaked in a tasty mango and coriander sauce.

Each of these colorful vegetables has unique antioxidants for optimal health.

Find the recipe here: With Intentions Prime

8. Wrap salads with zucchini and mango

Wrap salads with zucchini and mango - Love and lemons

Mango and mint add a whole new dimension to the taste of lunch, not to mention a healthy dose of vitamin C that stimulates the immune system.

These wraps have an incredibly tasty sauce that can be made in advance and stored in the refrigerator. Use a julienne cleanser for the pumpkin and you will get a quick, healthy lunch that comes out flavored.

Find the recipe here: Love and Lemons

9. Avocado stuffed with crunchy Asian salad

You will not need a bowl for this wonderful and healthy raw lunch.

Use a food processor or grater with a microplane to chop the vegetables for the incredible Asian salad. Top avocado boats with your cool and have the perfect lunch! Avocado provides healthy fats, and vegetables give you antioxidants that boost your immune system.

Find the recipe here: Coffee and Quinoa

China raw:

10. Garlic paste with pumpkin seeds

Garlic Pasta with Pumpkin Seeds - This Great Vegan Life

Week nights can be busy, and making a quick, healthy raw recipe can seem like a challenge. This recipe is incredibly easy and satisfies your appetite for pasta.

Nourishing yeast tastes similar to Parmesan and provides vitamin B12, which prevents nerve damage and anemia and is difficult to obtain if you avoid eating animal products.

Find the recipe here: This Rawsome Vegan Life

11. Thai salad with pumpkin noodles

This Thai pumpkin noodle salad shows how amazingly raw food can be. Just the right amount of chili, garlic and fresh herbs are gathered in a flavorful sauce to cover the raw zucchini noodles.

Find the recipe here: Heather Cristo

12. Raw Veggie Rice With Tamari Orange Sauce

Raw Veggie Rice With Tamari Orange Sauce - Rawmazing

Take out your chopsticks for this delicious raw version of the toast, which is loaded with healthy vegetables and tossed in a tasty orange tamarisk sauce.

Discard mung bean sprouts for a good dose of protein, fiber and vitamins.

Find the recipe here: Rawmazing

13. Raw vegan tacos

These tacos have it all: a spicy crumble with nuts and seeds, a fresh salsa with herbs and a vegan cashew cream to top it off.

Filled inside the cabbage and smog leaves, these tacos offer a nutritious crunch with a delicious, velvety finish.

Find the recipe here: First mess

14. Cauliflower Rice With Fresh Peas and Cumin

Go for a light and flavorful dinner with this cauliflower rice recipe.

Beat the cauliflower in a food processor for a rice-like consistency, add fresh garden peas, pine nuts and an enticing mix of spices, and have a simple dinner rich in flavor and nutrition. Cauliflower provides powerful phytonutrients to help prevent cancer and strengthen the immune system, while pine nuts add protein to this meal.

Find the recipe here: Rawmazing

15. Cucumber noodles with peanut sauce

Cucumber noodles with peanut sauce - A house on the hills

Bok choy makes its appearance in this light vegetable-based cucumber bowl.

Bok choy belongs to the same family as cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower and has incredible antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Replace peanut butter with raw almond butter to get a good dose of vitamin E.

Find the recipe here: A House in the Hills

16. Raw pasta with carrots

Use a spiralizer to turn the carrots into thin, curved ribbons of delight.

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, which we need for healthy eyesight and collagen production. Load the protein cashews and cover with an irresistible ginger and lemon sauce.

Find the recipe here: Fried root

17. Taitei Crud Zuclecel Marinara

Offers heavy Italian food. This bowl of raw pumpkin noodles with marinara is a refreshing change from traditional pasta.

Use a food processor to reduce the chopping time and you will have a delicious Italian dinner, which is prepared quickly and full of nutrients.

Top with hemp seeds for protein, omega-3 and more.

Find the recipe here: Vegetables don’t bite

Raw snacks:

18. Chia cashew pudding

Scented cardamom and creamy walnut milk make this chia pudding totally irresistible.

This nutritious bowl of chia is full of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. It is also raw and vegan and can be topped with fresh or dried fruit, nuts and seeds.

Find the recipe here: The Kitchn

19. Chia Parfait chocolate

Chia Parfait Chocolate - Vegan Culinary Crusade

This snack will make you happy. Fresh raspberries, tart, compensate for a rich chia pudding, chocolate, which turns a snack into a special occasion.

Not to mention the nutrition included in anti-inflammatory chia seeds, rich in protein and antioxidant raspberries and rich in fiber.

Find the recipe here: Vegan Culinary Crusade

20. Bowl of chia with cinnamon and raw apple

Do you want an oatmeal-like snack with benefits for raw foods? Try this bowl of chia with raw apples and cinnamon, which is full of the flavor of the autumn harvest.

Walnuts and hemp seeds give this snack a satisfying crustiness with superfood benefits.

Find the recipe here: Happy Basil

21. Acai Berry Bowl

This fruit bowl is loaded with antioxidants, protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy taste of paradise.

Acai berry puree, flax seeds and coconut milk form a tasty base, topped with fresh fruit and nuts.

Find the recipe here: Colorful Eats

Being raw can be tasty … and healthy!

Eating food in its natural state is a great way to stimulate digestion, fight chronic diseases and lose unwanted weight. And as you can see from the recipes above, it can be delicious.

Go green to become raw

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